Released on 3/6/2016

"In the pieces by Mattheson, for example, which could merely be a pretext to display virtuosity, he not only shows perfect technical ability, but also manages to bring out the taste of the music and to touch the listener, sometimes in an almost demonic manner. This is an excellent interpretation from a young prodigy who could well become a great master."

Hajime Teranishi, Record Geijutsu Magazine (Japan), August 2016


"Dijoux kann nämlich auf dem Cembalo singen und er kann ihm die dramatischsten Klänge entlocken, ohne das Instrument zu malträtieren. Dazu kommt die äußerst raffinierte Verzögerungskunst, die diese Musik noch lebendiger erscheinen lässt."

Lotte Thaler, „SWR2 Treffpunkt Klassik – Neue CDs“, July 2016


"The flexibility and fluidity of Dijoux’s playing reveals the underlying structure of the music while lifting the regularly-notated notes away from the page and into the realm of real music. Avoiding any sense of self-indulgence, Dijoux’s approach to the music is distinctive, elegiac and lyrical. He has an exquisite sense of musical line, and how to bring the notes to life through ornamentation and a subtle (and occasionally less than subtle, but nonetheless appropriate) sense of rhetorical gesture".

Andrew Benson-Wilson, Early Music Reviews, June 2016